Website & Digital Marketing

As an optometry owner, don't settle for a generic website - create a stunning and optimized online presence tailored specifically to your practice! With a website & marketing plan  designed to attract and convert potential patients within your target demographic and geographic location, you'll see a surge in traffic and revenue that will leave you feeling energized and excited for the future of your practice.

Website | Full Service Digital Marketing works with thousands of eye care practices nationwide to supercharge their online strategy with Canvas® powered websites and specialized digital marketing campaigns. Canvas® websites cater to a wide variety of practices ranging from cold-start new practices to multi-location nationwide enterprises, and everything in between. provides professionally designed, industry focused websites that are heavily tested and highly effective, designed to reach and convert new patients. is a Google Partner and offers a full suite of marketing services that are customized to target each practice's specific goals. Get access to the digital marketing tools that can increase your google ranking, improve your digital presence and expand your new patient reach. website and marketing packages are comprehensive but offer a range of service levels to best fit your needs. Below are the most popular services:

  • ✅ Professionally Designed Google AMP Website With Canvas® Toolbox & Platform License
  • ✅Professional Client Services Team
  • ✅ Reputation Tracker & Reputation Builder
  • ✅ Canvas® Studio
  • ✅ AI Insight
  • ✅ SEO Management
  • ✅ Google Ads Management
  • ✅ Facebook Ad Management
  • ✅ Professional HD Video Production
  • ✅ YouTube Video Advertising 
  • ✅ Marketing Consultation

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Full Service Marketing | SEO | Advertising | Event Management

Because Who Has the Time? DONE4YOU Marketing is a personalized, outsourced marketing service for independent eye care practices. If you're looking to uncover new patient opportunities and grow your business but you don't have the time or resources to do it yourself, DONE4YOU® Marketing can help!

Our team of proactive marketing professionals work on your behalf to manage and execute results-orientated marketing.

  • ✅ ONE CONTACT: One point of contact for all of your marketing needs.
  • ✅ ONE FLAT RATE: Unlimited possibilities with a fixed monthly fee & no contracts.
  • ✅ ONE OBJECTIVE: Using industry proven tactics to drive results & revenue!
  • ✅ DONE4YOU*: Taking stress off your plate by planning & executing for you!

The Capabilities are Endless (Services) 

  • ✅ Digital Advertising, Social Media & Website
  • ✅ Medical, Optical & Retail Marketing
  • ✅ Event Management
  • ✅ Reputation Management
  • ✅ Brand Development
  • ✅ Patient Communications
  • ✅ Performance Tracking
  • ✅ Vendor Management
  • ✅ Complete Implementation of Marketing

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