Practice Transitions

As an optometric practitioner, you understand that there are various phases in the life of a practice, each requiring different approaches and strategies. Whether you're seeking valuations, planning for strategic buy/sell transitions or thinking about estate planning, there are professional resources available to help you navigate these complex issues and make informed decisions for the next phase of your optometric practice.

Associate Hire  & Practice Purchase / Sale Recruiting 

Dr. Chris Lopez has dedicated himself to assisting ODs and optometry students since his own time in optometry school, contributing in numerous ways.

  • He provides guidance to ODs navigating their career search journey and offers services in contract reviews for associates.
  • He invests a substantial amount of time in discussions with employers about the proper methods of hiring associate ODs.
  • He stands out as the leading recruiter within the optometry industry, continually working to pair employers with ODs, a role that has earned him the nickname "Optometry's Matchmaker."

Our transparent and flat-fee pricing structure ensures clarity regarding the payment amount, with fees only being applied upon a successful match.

⚠️ You will NOT be compelled to sign a restrictive exclusivity agreement. Thanks to our extensive and varied network, we are poised to offer you the finest opportunity to transition seamlessly into the next thrilling phase of your career!

Services Offered: 

  • ✅ Recruiting for employers seeking to hire an Associate OD
  • ✅ Recruiting for employers looking to sell their practice
  • ✅ Recruiting for ODs looking to purchase a practice
  • ✅ Recruiting for ODs looking for an employed Associate position

📧 Contact: Chris Lopez O.D |  or 📲 TEXT RECRUIT to 55444 to get started

💳 Service Fee: Please email us to inquire about recruiting pricing

Broker | Practice Evaluation |  Purchase/Sale 

Practice Consultants provides business expertise to the ophthalmic community throughout the United States. We assist sellers of practices and buyers seeking practices.

In addition to practice brokerage, we provide a full range of appraisal and practice management consulting services. You may have a question about financial improvement, bringing in an associate or partner, developing an exit plan for yourself, determining the market value of the practice (including for divorce cases), or just some uncertainty about how your practice operates.

SELLER BROKERAGE: If a sale or partial sale is contemplated, we will:
  • ✅ Analyze market value and help set an asking price.
  • ✅  Market the practice based on client preferences (publicly or confidentially).
  • ✅ Screen responses from potential buyers.
  • ✅ Negotiate the transaction details with the chosen buyer.
  • ✅ Oversee the creation of necessary documents (sales contract, non-compete agreement, promissory note, etc.).
  • ✅ Provide guidance through the transaction, including due diligence.
  • ✅ Coordinate escrow and legal services for both parties.
  • ✅ Significantly reduce the client's workload during the sales process, allowing focus on their practice.

All of these services are included in one brokerage fee, which is paid at close of escrow. There are no up-front fees and no hourly billings.

⚠️ Do you already have a buyer lined-up? This is not uncommon. Most of the same services are still needed to assure a successful and binding transaction; but marketing, screening, and price-negotiation are not required, so we offer a discount in these situations.

⚠️  Bringing in a partner? This is really a partial sale, and Practice Consultants can provide the same spectrum of services, now and later, when the new partner completes the purchase of the entire practice from you. This is often called a step sale. You pay our fee once, and we handle both “steps” of the sale.

BUYER BROKERAGE: If you are interested in buying a practice, we will:

  • Evaluate the value of the target practice(s).
  • Collaborate to establish offer parameters.
  • Negotiate the deal with the seller's representative.
  • Coordinate necessary escrow and legal services.
  • Fees typically paid by the seller, though buyer may incur costs under certain conditions.

Are you looking for a practice in a specific target area? Our PracticeFinder service can help. We will mail a letter to the practices in your target area, to encourage those owners to consider selling. We will research the area, gather the addresses, author and produce the letter, mail it, and field the responses. We will contact you immediately if any of the respondents appears be a match with your objectives.

📧 Jeff Neighbors, O.D, President/Broker | Call/Text 515-851-2280

Market Evaluation | Site Selection | Purchase vs Lease Evaluation | Demographic, Competition and Insurance Mapping | Lease Analysis

CARR is the nation’s leading provider of commercial real estate services for Optometrists and other healthcare tenants and buyers.

Every year, thousands of Optometric practices trust CARR to achieve the most favorable terms on their commercial real estate purchase and lease transactions. We handle every aspect of the healthcare realty for providers of every specialty and size, in all 50 states.

Whether you are renewing a lease, purchasing commercial real estate, starting your very first practice or expanding to your hundredth location, CARR has the expertise, market knowledge, and due diligence you need to navigate the process with the most experienced and professional team on your side.

Our expert representation includes data driven market evaluation, site selection, purchase vs. lease comparison, lease analysis, negotiation strategy, timeline management, demographics, heat mapping, competition and insurance mapping, assembling your custom team, and much more. We represent the interests of every type of healthcare specialty and truly understand the nuances and unique Optometry-driven space needs for your practice.

Services we offer:

  • ✅ Our team of experts assist with all types of healthcare real estate transactions for tenants and buyers.
  • ✅ Our services include start-ups, lease renewals, expansions, relocations, additional offices, purchases, and practice transitions.
  • ✅ Key aspects of our due diligence include:

    • Market Evaluation
    • Site Selection
    • Purchase vs Lease Evaluation
    • Demographic, Competition and Insurance Mapping
    • Lease Analysis
    • Negotiation Strategy
    • Timeline Management
    • Assembling the Best Team, and More

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