Practice Transitions

As an optometric practitioner, you understand that there are various phases in the life of a practice, each requiring different approaches and strategies. Whether you're seeking valuations, planning for strategic buy/sell transitions or thinking about estate planning, there are professional resources available to help you navigate these complex issues and make informed decisions for the next phase of your optometric practice.

Practice Sales & Acquisitions  

It's about your nest egg. Whether you are building a career or cashing in on years of hard work and success, your practice is the key to a comfortable, profitable career and retirement.

The Growth Cooperative assists practice owners in:

  • ✅ Acquiring their first practice
  • ✅ Acquiring additional practice to build their local eye care network 
  • ✅ Partnering or merging with area practice 
  • ✅ Sale of Practice to Private Equity (PE) or another doctor

Review the many resources we have available to educate yourself on preparing for, and then accomplishing, your next, and biggest, career step.

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Market Evaluation | Site Selection | Purchase vs Lease Evaluation | Demographic, Competition and Insurance Mapping | Lease Analysis

CARR is the nation’s leading provider of commercial real estate services for Optometrists and other healthcare tenants and buyers.

Every year, thousands of Optometric practices trust CARR to achieve the most favorable terms on their commercial real estate purchase and lease transactions. We handle every aspect of the healthcare realty for providers of every specialty and size, in all 50 states.

Whether you are renewing a lease, purchasing commercial real estate, starting your very first practice or expanding to your hundredth location, CARR has the expertise, market knowledge, and due diligence you need to navigate the process with the most experienced and professional team on your side.

Our expert representation includes data driven market evaluation, site selection, purchase vs. lease comparison, lease analysis, negotiation strategy, timeline management, demographics, heat mapping, competition and insurance mapping, assembling your custom team, and much more. We represent the interests of every type of healthcare specialty and truly understand the nuances and unique Optometry-driven space needs for your practice.

Services we offer:

  • ✅ Our team of experts assist with all types of healthcare real estate transactions for tenants and buyers.
  • ✅ Our services include start-ups, lease renewals, expansions, relocations, additional offices, purchases, and practice transitions.
  • ✅ Key aspects of our due diligence include:

    • Market Evaluation
    • Site Selection
    • Purchase vs Lease Evaluation
    • Demographic, Competition and Insurance Mapping
    • Lease Analysis
    • Negotiation Strategy
    • Timeline Management
    • Assembling the Best Team, and More

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Practice Evaluation |  Purchase/Sale 

Optometry Practice Valuations (OPV) is your go-to source when you are looking at buying a practice or selling your existing practice.  Tyler Judkins is a Certified Valuation Analyst as well as a licensed business broker.  OPV only services the optometric space so you can be rest assured that your request is being handled by an expert.

Business Valuations:
  • ✅ A valuation can be a complex process, but we do all the heaving lifting and make it easy on you.  Simply click here to begin the process (no obligation).
  • When you are ready to move forward, you'll simply fill out an online questionnaire and send in your financial information.  We take it from there.

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