Business Financing

Looking for a cold-start loan or new equipment loan, merchant or patience financing options to make your business a success? Get the lowest rates with our group corporate discount!

*Lowest average Rates offered by our partners, rates calculated with the current prime rate of 8.5%. Updated FEB 2024

Cold Start (Conventional)


APR Range: 6.25%-12.23
Established Loan (Conventional)


APR Range: 6.1%-12.1%
Express Equipment Loans (Unsecured)


APR Range: 6.30%-22%
Commercial RE (10 yrs)


APR Range: 6.1%-6.3%
Healthcare (SBA)


APR Range: 11.5%– 15%

Cold-Start | Business Loan | Express Equipment | Commercial Real Estate  

No matter where you are in the growth of your practice, it’s important to choose the right financing. At Bank of America Practice Solutions, we’ve been helping medical professionals achieve their goals for more than 20 years.

Our all-inclusive financing covers all of your needs — from office design and equipment installation to training, supplies and even working capital. We offer the following types of loans:

ODoF Cold Start Loan (non-SBA)

  • ✅  450k - 500k for a max loan amount. 
  • ✅  No personal tax returns required for submission. 
  • ✅  Only 2 years minimum time licensed now. 
  • ✅  Better revenue projections for easier approvals. 
  • ✅  Possible Household guarantors required based on personal financial background

Established Optometrist Loan: Up to $5 Million

  • Practice Purchase Loan

  • ✅ Express Equipment Loans & Upgrades

  • ✅ Commercial Real Estate (Conventional and SBA) + Flexible Terms 7-20 Years

  • ✅ Renovations | Expansion Additional Locations

  • ✅ Merchant Services Directly by BofA.

  • ✅ Primarily all our loans are conventional financing, but we also offer SBA financing if needed (conventional financing offers lower rates & faster closing)

  • ✅ Flexible terms on loans between 7 – 20 years with industry low rates

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States

Contact: Michael Smith | | CALL ONLY (480)-486-8912

 Business Loan | Express Equipment | Commercial Real Estate  

Let us help you with banking and financing solutions for your optometry clinic.

✅ Business Acquisition Financing

When you buy an established optometry clinic, you need:

  • A financial solution that recognizes the business's market value
  • Someone to work with your key business relationships and advisors to ensure a smooth purchase

✅ Leasehold/Equipment Financing

  • Capital financing available to upgrade or replace equipment, furniture or leaseholds

✅ Operating Financing'

  • Borrow what you need for your inventory needs and operating expenses
  • If you're making deposits, they ll automatically be applied to your outstanding loan

✅ Real Estate Financing'

  • Our specialized financing can help you acquire new property or expand existinq premises to suit your needs

✅ Optimizing Your Cash Flow

  • Put receivables and payments (including point of sale) to work more quickly so your cash works harder for you

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States

📧 Contact: Nate Vang | Sr. Practice Area Director, VP | Call/Text: 626-314-4551 |

Cold-Start | Business Loan |  Project Loans | Equipment | Commercial Real Estate  | Debt Refinance/consolidation 

Solutions to Manage & Grow Your Optometry Practice. We’re specialists, just like you. While you keep your patients healthy, we are here to help keep the financial side of your optometry practice healthy. We offer fresh insights, intelligent advice, and innovative practice solutions to help optometrists start, run, and grow their practices.

  • A single point of contact throughout the loan process. 

Optometrist Loan: Up to 100% financing, Up to 10-year terms to help cash flow, Deferred and interest-only payments

  • Practice acquisition

  • Project loans

  • Start-up loans

  • Debt refinance & consolidation

  • Equipment financing

  • ✅ Real estate loans

  • ✅ Practice management solutions (Banking/Credit Card, Merchant services, remote deposit capture, Payroll services, online & mobile banking) 

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States

Contact: Rachel Armstrong | | Call/text 504-452-2576

Business Credit Card  

Optimize Your Optometry Expenses with the Premier Eye-Care Card

The AOA Business Card slashes your major industry costs: enjoy up to 40% off frames and lab services.* Plus, as a welcome gesture, we'll cover your AOA Dues upon signup.+

It's more than a card – it's your practice's financial advantage.

  • ✅ Up to 6.5% back on eye care vendors (2.5% from the card + 4% from vendor deals)***
  • ✅ 2% to 2.5% back on all other purchases **
  • ✅ Up to 40% Off frames & lab services *
  • ✅ Paid AOA Dues Signup Bonus +
  • ✅ No effect on personal credit
  • ✅ No Annual Fees


📧 Contact: Joey Fargiorgio | 

* See Vendor Offer page on your card dashboard to see all available offers. To participate in the Vendor Offers program you must have an eligible American Optometric Association Business credit card. See complete Terms and Conditions for more details.

** 2-2.5% in reward points on all purchases. This includes a .5% AutoPay reward. See AutoPay page on the card dashboard for reward offers per AutoPay method.

*** These offers include 2% from the card and an additional % from the Vendor offers on the card dashboard. Cardholders must opt into vendor offers on the card dashboard and reach sales threshold requirements to get the additional cash back. See specific Vendor offers for more details.

+ The AOA dues of $972 are paid when you spend $15,000 or more in the first 4 months after account creation. Your Card account must not be canceled or in default at the time of fulfillment of any offers. After the 4 months, Reward points will be credited to your account if you have met the threshold amount. If we in our sole discretion determine that you have engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with the welcome offer in any way or that you intend to do so, we may not credit Reward points, we may freeze Reward points credited, or we may take away Reward points from your account. We may also cancel this Card account and other Card accounts you may have with us.